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School of Health & Human Performance


The School of Health and Human Performance laboratories extend over an area of 1,100 m2. These laboratories cater for teaching, research and consultancy in the fields of both

  • sport science and
  • physical activity for health.


Exercise and Sport Physiology

The exercise and sport physiology laboratories cover an area of 192 m2. It includes a Human Performance Laboratory, a Clinical Exercise Physiology Laboratory, a Clinical Exercise Research Laboratory, a Biochemistry Laboratory and an Examination/Procedure Room.


  • Sensormedics Vmax 29d metabolic system
  • Sensormedics Vmax 229 metabolic system
  • Marquette treadmill series 2000
  • Woodway treadmill ELG 55
  • Monark cycle ergometers, models 824E, 828E
  • Monark rehabilitation ergometer
  • Sensormedics ergoline 900 electronically braked cycle ergometer
  • Marquette Case 8000 ECG monitoring system
  • Body composition assessment instrumentation
  • Field fitness testing equipment
  • YSI 2300 Glucose/Lactate analyser (dual channel capability)
  • Microcentrifuge Sigma 1-15

Exercise and Sport Biomechanics

The exercise and sport biomechanics laboratory extends over 160m2.



Motion analysis

  • Eight Camera VICON 512 M series camera system [Vicon Polygon & Body Builder]
  • HUMAN 3D motion analysis
  • Three Canon XM1 Mini-dv camcorders (20x optical zoom)
  • Matrox 2000 Real-time video editor (Adobe Premier 6RT, Cool3D)
  • Video Projector

Force plate

2 AMTI force plates and Biosoft force plate software [600x900mm and 600x400mm]



  • Treadmill
  • Newtest power timer with large box (timing gates)
  • Stability Platform Model
  • Various skeletal and muscle models.


Exercise and Sport Psychology area

The exercise and sport psychology area includes a fully equipped human interaction and qualitative research laboratory. It is over 70 m2 in area. On the motor skills side there is a range of assessment and measurement devices for recording motor learning and control. These include:

  • 2 Arm Co-ordination Test Model
  • Reversible Pencil Maze Model
  • Deluxe Multichoice Reaction Time Apparatus
  • Stability Platform Model
  • Multifunction Timer Counter for Stability Platform model 54035A*C
  • Complete Minnesota Dexterity Test (32023A)
  • Grooved Pegboard Model 32025
  • Mirror Tracer (31010)
  • Bassin Anticipation Timer (50575*C)


Muscle Core Laboratory: laboratory for the analysis of human tissue. 


  • -20 and -80 degree freezers,
  • ACTDiff2 Cell Blood Count Analyser,
  • Randox Daytona, 
  • Refrigerated centrifuge, 
  • ELISA spectrophotometer, 
  • electrophoreses gel rig and Western Blot equipment. 


Metabolic Research Unit: unit dedicated to the study of metabolic disorders such as diabetes type 2 and the effect of exercise on these disorders. 


  • autoclave system
  • glucose analysers

Postgraduate room:

90 sq metres office space for postgraduates students. 


Performance assessment room (blue room):

100 sq metres area for fitness assessment. 


Weights room:

Dedicated space for weight equipment.


Pedagogy Lab:

  • Video analysis area
  • Projector
  • Scanner
  • Printer
  • Resource storage area

Pedagogy/motor skills practical area:

  • Gymnastics mats
  • Kicking net
  • 2 pendulums