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Hayley Kavanagh

Name:  Hayley Kavanagh

Email: hayley.kavanagh4@mail.dcu.ie

Room number: A247A

Qualifications to date: BSc (Hons) Sport Science and Health

PhD Research title: SO Fun: Investigating Motor Skill Proficiency of Children with Intellectual Disabilities 

Year commenced: 2020

Anticipated year of completion: 2024

Supervisor: Dr Johann Issartel

Research Summary:

I am currently studying a full-time PhD conducting research with Special Olympics Ireland. My research is funded by ReThink Ireland in association with Special Olympics Ireland. Fundamental movement skills (FMS) represent the ‘building blocks’ of specific movement skills necessary for being physically active, participating in games and sports. This research aims to investigate the FMS of children with intellectual disabilities (ID) aged 4-12 years. The research undertakes a mixed-methods approach, examining the FMS of children with ID, alongside investigating  both parents and coaches perceptions of children's FMS. 

Acknowledgements: Special Olympics Ireland, ReThink Ireland