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Jack Cooney
Jack Cooney

Jack Cooney

Current role: Westmeath GAA Senior Football Team Coach/Manager

Course: Professional Doctorate in Elite Performance (Sport)

Why did you choose the program?

Highly recommended. Preferred the Prof Doc due to its more applied nature of study and impact

How does the format of the program fit with your practice?

Excellent - flexible, varied assessment format, student cohort shared experiences

How would you describe the role and impact of your peers on your development?

Excellent - naturally drawn to peers with shared interests. Good group discussion during module workshops and presentations.

How has it impacted your thinking?

Much more reflective and philosophical on group discussions, opinions and debates. More open minded considering multiple solutions to contextual issues or problems that may occur

How has it impacted your practice?

More reflective in practice. Contextually focused and collaborative. Player centered approach from a biopsychosocial perspective. Focused on creating a supportive, challenging environment.

How has it developed your career?

Re-focused my area of interest and future expertise. Plan future career development and area for professional and personal growth. It supports my personal philosophy on life long learning and continuous education.

What is your favourite thing about the course?

Course content and course developers/presenters are excellent. Fellow students are engaging and enlightening. Course flexibility across the academic/calendar year is very advantageous.

Can you summarise your experience to date?

Very informed on course content. Challenged with the volume of work involved. Delighted to have chosen this body of work/study. Excited about the research area I plan and the learnings along the way.