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James Peters
James Peters

James Peters

Current role: Development Head Coach at Loughborough University

Course: MSc in Elite Sport Performance

Why did you choose the program?

The massive emphasis of practical focus makes engaging with the work much more fascinating, as I am constantly relaying my academic studies into my day-to-day job. The opportunity to work alongside elite standard coaches and practitioners as part of my cohort gives me insight and learnings I wouldn’t access on other MSc courses. The balance of gaining a strong academic grounding, demonstrating ‘good’ academic work but also being focused on the ‘real life’ side of everything we study makes the applicability of my study much more useful. I am exposing myself to a different lens to look through, being outside of the normal coach education and development pathway for where I am from is allowing me to gain a more balanced and rounded view of subjects such as feedback, reflections and session planning, all of this contributes to me becoming a more justified and specific coach. The part-time nature of the course was a useful factor for me, meaning that I can balance the studies better with my working job

How does the format of the program fit with your practice?

It works really well for me, unlike lots of elite sport, Monday evenings tend to be my busiest time of the week so I can sometimes struggle to engage right till the end of sessions but it is very easy to catch up. One significant thing I would add that other peers might not relate too, is how well delivered the course is considering it is based entirely online. Having completed the final 18 months of my undergraduate degree entirely online due to COVID I was a little sceptical about this MSc, however resources are aplenty and easy to access. Additionally, messaging and finding time to talk to lecturers / supervisors is very easy and they are incredibly accommodating with their time and effort put into us as students

How would you describe the role and impact of your peers on your development?

Being able to complete tasks and engage with peers who are well established within their domain is something I did not expect. There is a nice blend of backgrounds on the course which leads to lots of interesting conversations and idea sharing. As a by-product of this, it has expanded my network within my working domain and allowed me to access learning and development that I would be oblivious too without.

How has it impacted your thinking?

I used to think I was very specific and methodological with my actions as a coach, but I think that this has improved 10-fold since the MSc begun. “It depends” is my answer to almost everything as I now think much more critically and specifically to all aspects of my work, wether that be team selections, session planning or when a review meeting would be best scheduled.

How has it impacted your practice?

I think I have a better understanding of the real “why” behind why I now do every segment of a session or decision that I make.

How has it developed your career?

  • Expanded network within my domain leading to better rounded growth
  • An improved understanding of the academic research underpinning various coach pedagogies and learning theories
  • Allowed me to self-reflect far more specifically and accurately

What is your favourite thing about the course?

The practical focus on almost every task we complete, and seeing Jamie smile.