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Jamilon Mülders
Jamilon Mülders

Jamilon Mülders

Current role: Interim Headcoach Netherlands Women (Field Hockey)

Course: MSc in Elite Sport Performance

Why did you choose the program?

Recommendation by David Passmore and an opportunity to deepen and prove my knowledge.  I am keen on learning more about high performance in general.

How does the format of the program fit with your practice?

Perfectly, as it is individualized and very open and supportive towards my needs and the situation I am working at. 

How has it impacted your thinking?

It has already impacted my thoughts.  Expertise or competence? Bullshit theory and the understanding of how to read the paper, write papers and ask questions! All of this is new for me and has already made a positive impact. 

How has it impacted your practice?

I am already more sceptical about what I am doing. I am more aware of checking and asking questions but also become more mature about things I am already doing well. 

How has it developed your career?

I can´t answer this yet, as I am still busy with my study. But It has already given me more clarity about the topic and roles, I like to be in and which I don´t want to be in. 

What is your favourite thing about the course?

Listening to the other students and having Professors which are part of the group and all-time approachable and happy to share, challenge and support. 

Can you summarise your experience to date?

I have more knowledge about deliberate Practice and the Coach-Athlete Relation. I have written my first two Papers (PDP and CA2) and know that I am on the right spot, but maybe at the wrong time. I am struggling with my new role, which came overnight and caught me now for 3 weeks in total. I missed so much, but still, I have the feeling that I can catch up again.

I learned about other sports (Rugby and golf) and got triggered by “Selecting character over talent” or “Spotlight Profiling”. Each of the lessons has been beneficial for me, and I still can´t answer if I want a competent Doctor for my surgery or an expert ☺