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Michael Ayres
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Michael Ayres

Current role: Senior Lecturer, Athletic Development Coach, Talent Development Consultant

Course: Professional Doctorate in Elite Performance (Sport)

Why did you choose the program?

First and foremost the quality and support of the academic staff delivering in the programme. The staff have supported me and guided me to develop research project ideas the align with the academic outcomes of the programme and my own professional development needs. The initial modules are flexible. The live online lectures and guest speakers have provided an excellent variety to the programme.

How does the format of the program fit with your practice?

The live online content which is also recorded has allowed me to join in and interact with my peers whilst at the same time allowing me to go back and reconsider and reflect on my initial thoughts within the session. If work commitments have got in the way it has allowed me to study at my own pace for specific periods of time.

How has it impacted your thinking?

The programme has allowed me to adopt a more critical and pragmatic approach to my thinking and day to day delivery. It has also allowed me to think more clearly about the academic research that I engage with and how this might be applied to my practice. Overall, it has made me become a more rounded thinker.

How has it impacted your practice?

The programme has allowed me to be more consistent in my critical thinking of my practice whether on the pitch or in my consultancy role. It has also helped me become better and being more planned and diagnosed.

How has it developed your career?

I think it has given me the confidence and academic support to continue to do what I do. It has allowed me to understand my innate actions and behaviours on and off the pitch.

What is your favourite thing about the course?

The module content has been excellent but the support academic staff have given me over the last two years has been the most favourite thing. The one to one sessions help consolidate and also challenge my thinking.

Can you summarise your experience to date?

Challenging, supportive and both academically and practically enhancing.