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School of Health & Human Performance
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Research interests

➢Regulation of the vascular cytoskeletal architecture via haemodynamic forces -the role of cytoskeletal adaptor proteins. ➢Nuclear actin dynamics. ➢Mechano-transduction and the regulation of vascular cellular fate and function. ➢The investigation of uPAR-integrin interactions on integrin state (affinity, avidity) and integrin-dependent signaling pathways. ➢MicroRNAs, micromanagers of the vascular transcriptome (collaboration with Applied Biosystems). ➢Intergin-microRNA-GTPase signalling nexus in the vasculature. ➢Microparticles as biomarkers: In vitro studies and in vivo testing of adverse effects of biologics, devices and drugs. ➢Stratification of clinical trials by molecular and cellular techniques, e.g. Pharmacogenomics. ➢Development of molecular/cellular prognostics and diagnostics for cardiovascular disease. ➢Exercise, diet and lifestyle on vascular health and competence. ➢Cell biology of platelets and megakaryocytes. ➢Cell adhesion and migration.