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All About DCU: Weekly Webinar

Discover Your Future

We invite you to join us for our new webinar series, "Discover Your Future". Beginning March 4th, each Thursday evening we will focus on a different subject area like Maths, Science, or Psychology and through a panel discussion will allow you to learn about the career prospects and opportunities that will come with studying this area at DCU. 

Discover Your Future in Education at DCU: BSc in Education and Training 

Join us at 5pm on Thursday 3rd June to learn more about the BSc in Education and Training degree at DCU. This degree will allow you to work in a wide range of careers such as adult education, community education, workplace education and training and can even be a useful stepping stone towards primary or secondary school teaching. Our panel made of current students, graduates, and the Programme Chair will be happy to provide valuable insights about their time on the programme.

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