Aoibhinn Raleigh

Aoibhinn Raleigh, Multimedia 

Kings hospital, Kildare

Why you chose DCU?

I chose DCU because multimedia was the whole package for me. I knew I wanted to go into this area in someway but was not sure exactly what area I would choose for my future career, or what I would be best suited to. Multimedia gave me the opportunity to try out all the options available to me in one course, allowing me to get a feel for what I really wanted to do before having to make any tough decisions.

One unique part of your course

There is little, to NO exams. I know it sounds like a conspiracy but ask around DCU and you will hear it first-hand. My course is a lot of continuous assessment, through assignments, videos, and exhibitions. It might be a lot of work during the year, but the no exam benefit does spark a little bit of jealousy from time to time.

Best thing about DCU so far?

100% has to be the sense of community throughout the college. You literally cannot walk around the campus without stopping at least ten times to chat to people. DCU was made for socialising. You get to meet so many new people, and try out new things through sport, clubs and socs. The clubs and socs in DCU are an amazing thing to be a part of and will make your college experience. Not to mention the free pizza is a bonus, and the NuBar sessions are always wild.

Plans after DCU?

So far, the plan is a career in web design, if I can make it through three years of coding. I would love to do photography on the side (if I don’t become instafamous first), but with my course I have so many options it is hard to choose. I’m going into my second year, so I have a lot of time to decide still.