Ciaran Butterly

Ciaran Butterly, Marketing Innovation and Technology

Fingal community college, Dublin

Why you chose to study in DCU?

I chose to study in DCU because I knew their graduates were some of the most employable in Ireland. I knew I wanted to study something that would allow me to be creative, while also arming me with the essential skills needed in the professional world. When I discovered I could do work placement and get paid doing it through the Intra Programme I was completely sold, I knew DCU was the place for me. 

One unique part about your course that you like

MInT doesn’t just focus on Business, we also get the chance to study subjects in the faculty of science, the faculty of humanities and the faculty of computing. This means MInT students are extremely employable in tech, healthcare, energy and engineering companies to name just a few. 

Best thing about DCU experience so far

The best thing about DCU so far is the people I’ve met, whether that be fellow students, or the staff across the faculties. Engaging in extra curricular activities such as joining clubs and societies, allows you to make friends with people from outside your course, and makes DCU feels like a home away from home! 

Advice you would give to your younger self thinking of what to do/ where to go 

If I were to give my younger self advice I’d just say keep doing what you’re doing and work as hard as you can. Working hard in secondary school will be worth it and it will all pay off in the end. 

Plans after DCU 

I have a lot of plans for after DCU, I just hope I have time to do them all! I want to go abroad and work outside of Ireland for a while. I want to do a masters (not sure in what yet!) and eventually a PHD as well. I want to launch my career into areas that both scare and excite me, and maybe even start my own business!