Clara Smith

Clara Smith, Bachelor of Education

Loreto Colelge, Wexford

Why you chose DCU?

I chose DCU because it had the perfect course for me. I always wanted to do Primary School Teaching, and the Bachelor of Education qualifies you to teach after four years of study. The teaching facilities on the St Patrick's Campus are fantastic. It's a really hands-on course, with block placement in schools in each year, and fantastic lectures. 

One unique thing about your course/ why is it good?

I think my course is really great because it is so up to date. They are always improving it, and adding new aspects. For example, in my year, not only will we graduate with a bachelor of Education but we will also have a chosen major specialism. For me, that was drama, which is something I'm really passionate about. 

Best thing about DCU so far?

Definitely the clubs and societies. There's so much to choose from. Everyone involved in the societies are so friendly, passionate and warm. 

Plans after DCU?

There's lots of work for teachers in the middle East, so I think I will go there for a few years. It allows me to save some money, and travel a bit of the world.