Deirbhle Travers

Deirbhile Travers, Bachelor of Education

St Peters College, Dunboyne

Why you chose DCU?

I decided I wanted to study at DCU after I visited the university on the open day. I was immediately drawn towards the vibrant campus and the positive, welcoming atmosphere. As DCU is a multi-campus university I get to experience the small college experience on St. Pat’s campus but I also get to taste the large college experience in Glasnevin. There are also so many clubs, societies and facilities across all campuses. I was very excited to become involved with them from reading about them online and talking to current students.  It is also an easy commute from Dunboyne where I live.

One unique thing about your course/ why is it good?

One aspect of the Bachelor of Education course that is unique to DCU is the major specialism element. All B.Ed students choose to major in a subject in second year for the next three years. These subjects range from educational subjects like Physical Education and Maths Education to Arts and Humanities subjects such as English and Music. This allows us to gain a greater insight and expertise in our chosen area and prepares us to become more innovative in the classroom.

Best thing about DCU so far?

Aside from meeting new people in my own course, I loved becoming involved in the Clubs and Societies.  It’s a really great way to get to know more people across different courses and do something you love. One of the highlights for me was taking part in the DCU Christmas Pantomime with the Drama society. The small class sizes within my course are also something I enjoy.

Advice to your younger self?

I would tell myself to research the university and course very well before making any big decisions. There is so much information available to prospective students. I feel that it really would have helped me to get a better taste of what was ahead of me and to adjust to my course if I had done some more research and kept in the loop by following the student-focused DCU social media accounts and by talking to current students about their experience in the university and with their course.

Plans after DCU?

As I am studying the B.Ed course I am obviously hoping to pursue a career in education.  Alongside this I would love to do a Masters at some point down the line and I definitely want to travel. Thankfully my course will facilitate this.