Faith Dempsey

Faith Dempsey, Mechatronic Engineering 

Oaklands Community College, Ofally

Why you chose DCU?

I originally chose DCU for their range of engineering courses but after going to the open day, I fell so in love with the campuses and their atmosphere that I just couldn't go anywhere else. Each campus felt quite homely. I was one of the few people who came to DCU from my small country school in Offaly so it was a bit of a big step but since I did it I have not regretted it since.

One unique part of your course

When you go into engineering in first year, no matter which branch you go into,  you do the same first year as every other engineering student in the college. It really helps you to decide which type of engineering is for you as everyone can choose and change from their original decision at the end of first year

Best thing about DCU so far?

The people who I've met here!! I've met people from my course, clubs, societies, even just events on campus. You're never short of someone to talk to or grab a coffee with!! Everyone you meet is different from the next meaning that you can meet a lot of different people with the same interests as you but throughout different courses in DCU.

Plans after DCU?

With third-year incoming, I'm interested to see what it is like to get into the workplace with my INTRA placement but after DCU I hope to go into either robotics or the energy sector. I love how robotics combines different elements of engineering but I also found the energy modules last year interesting and would love to explore it further!