Gavin Doyle

Gavin Doyle, PE with Maths


Why you chose DCU?

DCU was the only university I wanted to attend. All 10 of my CAO level 8s were DCU! It is easy for me to get from Artane and I went to Ardscoil Rís, which is one of DCU main feeder schools. The great sports facilities, people and academics here is why I chose DCU.

One unique part of your course

In my course, we get to do placements in 2nd, 3rd and 4th year. These placements are in school as a student teacher. They really prepare you for this, as well as the placement preparing for after you graduate. Also, when I graduate, I’ll be qualified to teach Leaving Cert PE.

Best thing about DCU so far?

I think DCU has the perfect balance between social, academics and sport

Plans after DCU?

Exploring what options I have for masters or searching for jobs in the Middle East and begin personal training