Jeanne Englert

Jeanne Englert, Global Business Germay

Why you chose DCU?

I am from Germany but I knew quite early that I want to study abroad. I stumbled across my Global Business course at a career fair in Germany and was fascinated by the fact that in this course you do not only study abroad for one semester but two full years. I looked into DCU which is a partner university of ESB which is the German university that offers this course and DCU quickly convinced me with its wide range of clubs and socs. DCU also offers lots of opportunities for business students to connect to the business world by providing a great network.

One unique thing about your course that you like

As I mentioned before, the first two years of my course I spent here at DCU but for the third and fourth year I will go back to Germany to finish my studies at ESB Business School. Included in my course are also two five month long internships which I can do anywhere in the world. This gives me the opportunity to live in four countries during my four years of college. Also, by the end of the four years I will have two Bachelor degrees from both DCU as well as ESB.

Best thing about you DCU experience so far?

My course especially but also DCU in general is very international and I really enjoy getting to know so many people from different backgrounds. I had a Spanish tandem partner to improve my Spanish skills, I taught German to a group of students from across the globe and in my course I can sit next to people from Ireland, Germany, Spain, France, Canada or the US.

Advice you would give to your younger self thinking of what to do/ where to go

Don't think that the college decision you make is final and thus has to be the perfect fit. It doesn't hurt to change courses. There are so many opportunities out there that it is okay to feel overwhelmed but in the end I think it's most important that you really just go with your gut and not with what others tell you to do.

What are your plans after DCU?

The plan is to probably continue with a Masters in the field of sustainable business development.