Jennifer O Connell

Jennifer O Connell, Analytical Science

Dominican College, Dublin

Why you chose DCU?

DCU has always been the college that I wanted to go to. Throughout all of Secondary School I knew that one way or another I would end up studying here. There is such a wide range of courses available and the diversity in clubs and societies means that there is something for everyone to do. I loved the fact that sports was a huge part of DCU life but also that the Science courses offered here are strongly focused on the practical side of things. 

I always looked at DCU as a very friendly and happy campus and it is close to where I live as well which is a big bonus. 

One unique part of your course

I am going into fourth year of Analytical Science. What I really love about this course is the fact that we study both Chemistry and Biology right up to fourth year. This means that the subjects covered are very broad and by the end of the four year course both subjects are covered to a very high level.. You also get to complete labs in both areas and for me the lab sessions are by far my favourite modules as they are practical and hands on. A lot of the time topics covered in lectures will also be covered in lab sessions. I found this really helpful when I was trying to understand something which was covered in a lecture as you are given the opportunity to practice the theory that has been covered by actually carrying out an experiment. 

Best thing about the DCU experience so far?

I think the best thing about my experience in DCU so far definitely has to be my INTRA placement which I completed at the end of Third Year. I completed my placement in Forensic Science Ireland (FSI) and the experience that I gained here was incredible. INTRA provides students the fantastic opportunity to complete work experience throughout their time in college which is really invaluable experience to have (especially on your CV) for when the time comes to get a job after college.

Plans after DCU?

Once I finish my Analytical Science degree I hope to continue on in college to complete the Professional Masters of Education (PME) in order to become a Secondary School Science Teacher. This is what I have always wanted to do and my degree will have given me fantastic background knowledge through the topics that have been covered throughout the four years which will be very helpful for teaching science to secondary school students.