Kate Goodman

Kate Goodman, Aviation Managment 

Dominican College, Dublin

Why you chose DCU?

After doing my work experience in 4th year at the airport I knew this was the industry I wanted to work in. Later in TY, we had to search for courses we would potentially like to do after the leaving cert and I came across a few aviation courses. But DCU was the only university that offered modules in areas I wanted to work in once I graduated (airline, airport operations and aircraft leasing). It is also important to emphasise that my course is a business degree and 60% of the subjects I study are general business subjects eg. marketing, economics and accounting. I think having a commercial understanding of a business and the knowledge of the different aspects of aviation will definitely help me secure employment in the near future. 

One unique thing about your course/ why is it good?

The aviation modules are all taught by professionals who have worked in the industry for most of their lives. I think it really makes the  lectures more enjoyable and intriguing when they bring in personal examples of the topics we are studying. 

Right now I am on my Intra placement. This is a paid placement that you do for 4/6 months instead of attending lectures in the first semester of 3rdyear. Currently, I am doing my placement in Ryanair in the flight operations department.

Best thing about your DCU experience so far?

DCU has over 125 clubs and societies and these offer students more opportunities to mix with other students from other courses and faculties  

In the first semester of second year, my friend and I took part in the Enterprise Society “Quest” to raise money for the suicide charity “Aware”. The quest saw us go to five countries (London, Paris, Prague, Vienna and Budapest) in 3 days with NO money. We had to get sponsorship, begged and completed tasks to get from one city to the next. Some challenges included getting a kiss under the Eiffel tower, taking part in the safety demonstration on a flight and even going to mass. The friends I made on the quest are some of my closest friends now and I would never have met them had I not done the quest as we are in different courses. My team alone raised 700 euro for “Aware”, something I am very proud of.

What advice would you give your younger self?

I would tell my younger self to be more careful about the subjects to pick for the Leaving Cert. But I also would love to go back and tell my 17-year-old self not to stress as much as I did during 6th  year and if you don’t get the points you wanted it’s not the end of the world.  There are different options open to students who do not get their first choice and on my course, there are mature students and students who did PLC courses first and also people including myself who benefitted from schemes such as the HEAR and DARE schemes.   Remember also in the first couple of weeks that most other students are nervous and anxious too.   My biggest piece of advice is in the early days of your course to go to as many events as you can that are provided by clubs and societies.   This aspect of college life has really added to my experience in DCU.

Plans after DCU?

I’m in 3rd year now and the thoughts of graduating in two years are slightly daunting for me. I will have big decisions to make once I graduate.   Among them are travelling, grad programs, masters or going straight into the workforce. They all have different pros and cons but I still have a while yet to choose and thankfully I know that in the next two years I will gain more insight into the different aspects of aviation and this ever-evolving industry. Which will hopefully make my decision easier!