Louise McLarnon

Louise McLarnon, International Relations

St Dominics Grammar School, Belfast 

Why you chose to study in DCU?

I choose DCU because it is the only university in Ireland to have an International Relations programme and I felt that I could achieve my full potential at DCU. After visiting the Open Day, I fell in love with the atmosphere and how good the facilities were at DCU, that I just knew it was the place for me.

One unique part about your course that you like

I love the fact that I get to study the American political system and history. I have an interest in the origin of their political system and my lecturers encourage me in further study of it. Its an optional part of the course but if I was more suited to learning a language or wanted to focus more on cultures for example, this is also open to people so they can choose what they want.

Best thing about DCU experience so far

There are so many to choose from! My proudest day was getting a First (over 70%) in my American History lecture essay. But meeting the President of Ireland, seeing the President of Malta give a talk on women in Leadership and meeting Nicky Byrne are all up there too!

Advice you would give to your younger self thinking of what to do/ where to go 

Don't stress too much if you pick the wrong course, it happens us all!! Make sure you read every detail about the course including what you study! Talk to as many people as possible before making an decisions. For me, moving from home (I'm from Belfast) was not an easy decision but the best one I've ever made.

Plans after DCU 

As I'm heading into second year I've started thinking about life after DCU. Ideally I'd love a job in the United Nations or the European Union working to make the world a better place. Mostly I just want a job where I can wear red bottom heels and be a boss lady.