Paulina Trzeciak

Paulina Trzeciak, MINT

Why you chose DCU?

I really liked DCU because of the variety of interesting courses, a huge amount of clubs and societies, and the amazing facilities. However, once I came to the open day in November I just knew DCU was for me.

I was interested in one of the business courses but I went the wrong way and stumbled across a student ambassador from MINT. I got a quick explanation of the course, how interesting and innovative it is, and about some of the fun projects and campaigns students have to do. I completely fell in love with the idea of the course and once I researched more back home there was no going back, I knew that I would be a DCU student.

One unique part of your course

MINT is an amazing course full of unique aspects! Starting from the first day you're thrown into deep waters and have to learn to present in a matter of days. You're challenged everyday and have the ability to grow and gain a lot of confidence.

The course is also full of interesting projects and campaigns we have to run in groups which really prepares you for the working world. Something else that is very unique about this course is that in 3rd year we spend the whole year on an INTRA work placement. This is where we can experience the working life and can put to practice all of what we have learned.

Best thing about DCU so far?

The whole college experience in DCU is absolutely amazing! There are so many things to get involved in and there is a club or society for absolutely everyone. I have had so much fun in first year not only exploring my course but having a blast with all the friends I made and the  different clubs and societies I joined!

Plans after DCU?

After DCU I'm going to have an awesome marketing job in which I can be creative and use all that I have learned in MINT! I'm also going to do a masters in management. I'm not yet sure if I want to combine travelling and doing the course online or if I want to do it full time but I'm sure I'll figure that out in the next few years !