Rory Keenan

Rory Keenan, Accounting and Finance

St Peters College Dunboyne

Why you chose to study in DCU?

I really wanted to pursue a career in accounting and wanted to become qualified as fast as I could. DCU accounting and finance offered the exemptions I was looking for but what really set DCU apart was the connections it had to the industry leaders. This combined with the campus and the facilities available to students made DCU my first choice on my CAO.

One unique part about your course that you like

A unique thing about my course is that it is only 3 years, which is a year shorter compared to most other courses in the business faculty. This is because my course doesn’t have INTRA (work placement) for a year like the others do. This suits me a lot better and it saves me an extra year that I can put towards a masters or even taking a year out which is something I'd love to do.

Best thing about DCU experience so far

The best thing about my DCU experience so far is definitely the friends I've made throughout the year. DCU provide so many opportunities to meet people throughout the year so whether it was in a society, a club, or just in my course I've met lots of new people which has been a great experience overall. 

Advice you would give to your younger self thinking of what to do/ where to go 

If I had to give advice to my younger self it'd be that with college you get out of it what you put into it. That goes for both social and academic! The more you get involved in what DCU has to offer, the quicker you'll meet new people which makes the adjustment from secondary school to college a lot easier so I'd highly recommend it. 

Plans after DCU 
I've another bit to go until I'm finished in DCU so I haven't thought too much about plans after DCU. Going for a masters and travelling are the two main things I really want to try do after my course so I'll see how it goes and hopefully I'll get the opportunity to do both!