Roxana Pedan

Roxana Pedan, Business Studies 

St Dominics College, Dublin

Why you chose to study in DCU?

Throughout my time in both primary and secondary school, I found myself on the DCU campus for various events throughout the years. As a result, it formed a familiarity and comfort that I associated with the campus, one that I could not subsequently find on any other campus that I visited thereafter when deciding on a University to study at. In sixth year, I had an interest in a career in business. When I read about the business courses offered by DCU and the time arrived to fill out my CAO form, it was a no-brainer for me! The love that I had for the campus and University alongside a course that matched what I wanted made for quite the perfect fit for me. 

One unique part about your course that you like

 The opportunity to undertake a year of INTRA (INtegrated TRAining), which is DCU's internship programme, is what I believe sets this course apart and is something I enjoyed the most so far. DCU is one of very few Universities in Ireland that offer an integrated year of hands-on learning in a workplace relevant to your studies as part of your degree. This element of the course gives you an immediate advantage when applying for any job in the future as you have a year of experience gained before even graduating. 

Entering into my final year now after completing my year of placement, I feel so much more confident undertaking my studies and applying for jobs upon graduating knowing that I have a wealth of knowledge and skills gained throughout my time in University that will stand to me in a full time role when I graduate. 

Best thing about DCU experience so far

The extra-curricular activities (such as involvement with Clubs and Societies) is hands down the most memorable and enjoyable part of my experience so far. So many of my friendships, memories, skills and confidence gained throughout my time on campus has stemmed from my involvement outside of the classroom. 

There’s no better feeling than taking part in something you are passionate about - such as organising trips, charity events, hiking, dancing, whatever it may be – with a group of likeminded people who end up becoming your closest of friends. 

Advice you would give to your younger self thinking of what to do/ where to go 

I would tell myself not to worry so much about making the “perfect” decision! You cannot be expected to have your career sussed out from the get-go of completing secondary school as you haven’t truly experienced life and different working environments yet. Once you get out into the world outside of the classroom, you will realise that your passions, interests and confidence will emerge with time. Your chosen course may simply act as a guiding platform that will give you the chance to do all the above. That is the best part about choosing a University where all these supports are in place to help you stay on the right track for you, whether you made the ‘perfect’ course decision or not. 

My biggest word of advice would be to make sure that whatever path you do choose to take is in line with what you’re passionate about in life. Maybe that’s being creative, solving problems or inventing new ways of doing things, whatever if may be, see what career path your attributes and skills match up with best and go from there! 

Plans after DCU 

Throughout my three years studying all things business related – from marketing to business law, economics, accounting and everything in between – I have realised that my passion lies with people. I believe that people are the heart of any organisation or event. I plan on working in a people-oriented role where I can interact with them daily in a dynamic environment - be it in the world of human resources, training and development, events, coaching…who knows!