Sarah Moorhead

Sarah Moorhead, Psychology

Sacred Heart Tullamore.

Returning to college as a mature student was a massive decision for me in my life. I had just become a mum, and the time to rethink what I was doing with my life or go back to working in an area that      I was not happy in. I put so much time into researching which university to apply for. I went to every information night and open day possible and from the start it DCU was the top of my list. For me walking into the nursing building and meeting the staff and students who had prepared the information night was like no other experience I had up to that point. I felt welcomed, safe and like I was walking into somewhere I had been a million times. I knew studying psychology would be a massive commitment to take on and dividing out my time would be a challenge, but once I met some of the students here, I felt that my initial decision was the right one and I should trust that. 

There are so many unique things about studying psychology in DCU, having a work placement as an integral part of the course is one of them. Personally, for me the most unique part of our Psychology programme would have to be the academic team and lectures who are a massive part of my experience here. Our class numbers are small and the effort that each lecturer put into getting to know us all in first year was amazing. Each lecturer puts huge amounts of energy into making sure that we as students are listened to, that we are comfortable and that we are supported academically throughout each year. 

The most enjoyable part of the psychology course for me is how practical it is. A lot of our core modules are supported by tutorials or practical classes where we actively engage with the content of the lectures each week.  The addition of Peer Assisted Study Session in the first semester of first year really helped everyone to find their feet and become comfortable with the transition into college life. 

If I was to give any advice to future students, it would be to come to the Open Days and truly get a feel for the campus and the warmth that it offers. Getting involved in student life is something I never considered to be possible for myself as a mature student and a mum but my experience of DCU life has been incredible. It has opened many doors for personal and professional growth and an experience that has even impacted my daughter who loves to come to college with me when she can! 

I am moving into my final two years and I am excited about what is to come. My future plans would be to possibly continue on with my studies, as I have fallen in love with the subject (as most do) and would love to specialise in an area of neuroscience. Something that if you asked me about three years ago I would have said was just a dream.