Sean Coffey

Sean Coffey, Business Studies

Patrician Secondary School, Kildare

Why you chose to study in DCU?

I knew I wanted to do a business course, but here in DCU there is a massive entrepreneurial culture here which really brings the most out of the course. As someone who was indecisive at the time as well, the variety offered in the course was so appealing. The trips to the college really sold it for me though, as it had a great atmosphere walking around the campus even as an outsider looking in. The vibe around the campus has only gotten better since I’ve been here too with The U being opened in 2018.

One unique part about your course that you like

Being able to go out and do work placement through the INTRA programme is great. It happens after your second year and not many business courses offer this at all so it’s really great to learn about business and then be able to apply it in a real life context. It is of course optional so if someone isn’t crazy about the idea, they can move on to final year and specialize in their passion/area of expertise just as easily.

Best thing about DCU experience so far

My course is great and I’ve loved getting involved with the societies, but for me the best thing is the people. Everyone I’ve been in contact with, from the course co-ordinator and lecturers to the staff in our local Londis has been so lovely. And meeting people from so many walks of life is really great. You learn so much about life.  I’ve grown so much personally from being here and am so thankful for the friends I’ve made already.

Advice you would give to your younger self thinking of what to do/ where to go 

I know it’s cliché, but it’s your life and not to let others make your decisions for you. Parents, teachers, your mates, and so many others will tell you to go here and there. Whatever you decide, it will be youthat has to live it out, so make your decision on what you want. Also to get as much information as you can. If there’s a question about a course, or an aspect of college life, an email to someone here or a quick google search could go a long way.

Plans after DCU 
Leaving DCU doesn’t fill my heart with joy, but it’ll have to be done at some stage. Business is always changing so as long as long as I’m learning new things and meeting new people I’ll be happy. I will either be pursuing a career in management or HR, or else trying to build on a great business idea. I know I’ll be able to cope with whatever comes.