Thomas Ward

Thomas Ward, International relations

Why you chose DCU?

After completing my Leaving Cert I went and did a post leaving Cert (PLC) course. When I was searching for courses that would take my PLC and that would interest me I came across International relations in DCU. I have a huge interest in politics so I researched the course and DCU and really liked what I read, so I applied and was delighted to get offered my course. I haven’t looked back since about choosing DCU.

A huge factor as well for me was to do with one of my hobbies which is athletics, after speaking to the coach and knowing the college had a strong athletics team I knew I wanted to run and be a student at DCU

One unique part of your course

The BA (Hons) in International Relations is a great course for a variety of reasons, but one of the unique parts of the course is the topics and independent study you will do. When you are doing assignments, you can write about your own interests if it is related to the assignment titles given. For example, in Intro to Development one of our modules I could write about one of my own interest’s which is climate change. The course is very relevant as there is always something happening on the international front and is very much what you make it.  

Best thing about DCU so far?

Across the board DCU is a college of opportunity. The opportunity to learn, make new friends and the opportunity to grow as a person.

Me personally I think the best thing so far about DCU is the friends you make, I have made some great friends. From going to your lectures, joining different clubs and societies and going on nights out you do meet some great people. DCU is just like one big community.

The hidden gem of DCU has to be the social nights and events put on for you around the campus, going to these social nights and events can really make your college year , it has for me. You get to socialise and meet new people which is a win-win situation

Plans after DCU?

With a bit of luck that I pass my modules first. I currently would love to go about a career in politics or maybe work in an international organisation like the United Nations working on human rights. This is what is also great about this course as there is so many options for you after you graduate because you cover a broad range of modules.