Beat Procrastination and Get Focused! (S2, WK 4)

Dear Students,

Three weeks under your belt and a break coming up soon! 

Many students are finding remote learning easier this time around and have decided to embrace this type of learning as a 'must do'! Even if you haven't quite got a routine going yet, you still have time, so don't worry!

This week we have some great tips on getting yourself organised for the rest of the Semester. From using Google drives to structuring your day, you'll find some really useful ways to make the most out of your day and enjoy Semester 2. Spring is here, summer is just around the corner, so jump on board now and give your days a better structure!

Stay well!

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Situation - Session 3

Afternoon Mass from the Inter              
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Lead DCUSU: Finding Your                   09/02/21         14:00 - 16:00            Register here
Purpose and Building on It

Emotional Wellbeing - Stress                10/02/21          13:00 - 14:00           Register here
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Pathways to Success (Week 2)             11/02/21         13:00 - 14:00              
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'Goal Setting'                     

PMEP Information Session                    
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Want to get more organised? Then you need Discover Organisational Skills!

This online H5P course will help you to:
  1. Manage your studies
  2. Organise your study space
  3. Take charge of your time
  4. Beat procrastination
Get great tips and hacks that will help you to become more productive, such as the ones we have highlighted below! 
Watch this video to hear the strategies that DCU students use to beat procrastination...
For more great productivity tips check out Discover Organisational Skills!
For more great time management tips go to Discover Organisational Skills!
Did you know that Google Drive is available to all DCU students at as part of their Gmail?

This free unlimited file storage system is a great option for storing and organising your class materials in a way that works best for you! Watch this 2 minute video from the TEU which gives tips on how you can use Google Drive 
to be more organised and productive.

For more great productivity hacks and tips check out Discover Organisational Skills!
Ruby is a 2nd year student at DCU, studying Education and Training. She shares a typical day for her right now as a remote student and the little things that have helped her to stay motivated and productive during this time. Over to Ruby....
The no.1 thing I have learned from this whole “stay at home” experience is that the small things are now the big things. Here is a snapshot of a typical day for me right now…


I find that setting myself a simple morning routine acts like a quick reset button for me, especially right now when days have a habit of merging with the next. I make my bed, wash my face, brush my teeth, get dressed and eat something as soon as I get up. I think of getting dressed as getting into a work uniform – once I’m dressed I’m in work mode. While attending lectures in pajamas is ridiculously comfortable, I try to avoid it!
Staying Connected Throughout the Day

My phone has been a great way to stay socially close, but physically distant, during lockdown but I admit it can be a big distraction. I’ve discovered though that nearly all our favourite social media apps have options in the settings to manage our time - for example;
  • Instagram has a daily time reminder, which you can set for how long you want. It will let you know when you have reached your daily limit.
  • Facebook also has a feature called “Quiet Time” which will mute notifications and remind you that it's quiet time when you click the app.
On the flip side, I have found personally that you can feel quite disconnected while being at home so I’ve been organising a ‘Lunch Zoom’ once a week with other classmates as a fun way to catch up and feel a little more normal.


After I have finished college work for the day, I put my books and laptop away - out of sight out of mind! I try get out for a walk everyday but between having already explored my 5km many times and the weather recently, it can be tough to find the motivation.

Setting myself a target of steps to reach each day has been helpful but when this is a challenge, I try to practice other methods of self-care such as pamper nights, mindfulness or even just allowing myself to watch Netflix guilt free. These are the small things that have now become the big things when supporting and motivating myself through college, during what has been a crazy year.
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