Student Bystander Intervention Programme

Bystander Intervention: Live Workshop

Glasnevin Campus
Cuilin Room, The U
Target Audience
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Practice your intervention skills

Bystander Intervention Training will develop your skills to safely intervene in a situation of potential sexual violence and harassment and help to bring a possibly dangerous or threatening situation under control, while staying safe at the same time. By 'intervening' at a party / in the bar / on a corridor, we can make a massive impact on the outcome, and ensure that sexual harassment or assault is avoided.

The first four workshops are asynchronous. Workshop 5 is a live synchronous workshop that you can choose to attend either in person or over Zoom, during the weeks commencing 7th February and 14th February. Led by staff members from Student Support and Development, participants will have the opportunity to further explore topics covered in workshops 1 through 4. There will also be an opportunity to practice utilising the intervention techniques discussed in workshop 4 in a safe and supported environment. 

Register for the programme and the event on Zoom. Log on to Loop to get started.