Journaling -Intention Setting

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Journaling: Intention setting with relaxing guided meditation 

Each session begins & ends with a gentle breathing exercise & short guided meditation

Intention setting

What is intention setting?
Intention setting is an Inviting to ask yourself what I would like for me today. You can write your positive intention down and reflect for a few moments on it. 

Question you might ask yourself?
Do you have the energy needed to complete the tasks you have planned for yourself today?
What things make you feel re-energised?
Have you taken time to notice what you have achieved today?

Some Ideas of positive intentions could be;
Creating time each day for a walk if this is something you enjoy
Making time to meet a friend 
Paint, Sing, Dance
Giving yourself permission to read a favourite book
Doing small things that make you feel good & re energise you
Sitting for 5 minutes to do nothing at all

Guide for intention setting
Keep intention simple
Create a space a few minutes each day to ask yourself what you need for that day
Write it down
Positive intentions are things that energise or recharge your battery

Benefits of intention setting
A focus on small positive intentions can help keep us grounded and in the present moment.  A chance to connect to our intuition. A chance to connect to our creativity.