Journaling for Wellbeing

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Journaling for Wellbeing with relaxing guided meditation 

Each session begins & ends with a gentle breathing exercise & short guided meditation 

What is journaling?
Journaling is a creative way to reflect on your day. An opportunity to notice what was positive about your day and what you might be grateful for. A chance to process parts of the day that felt challenging. You decide what goes into your journal. Each day allow yourself 10 - 15 minutes to take time out from the day, this is your time and you can create a quite space for yourself.

Questions you can ask yourself?
What worked out well for me today?
How was my energy levels today? Did I have more energy in the morning, afternoon or evening?
Was there anything that happened throughout your day that you noticed drained your energy or re-charged your energy?

Guide to journaling 
Write about your day
Identify things you are grateful for
Write a list of things that helped you cope during the day
List what emotions you might have felt that day & describe them

Benefits of Journaling 
Journaling can help us organise our thoughts. It allows space for self- reflection and can inspire creativity. Process our thoughts, feelings & emotions. An opportunity to learn about & connect to yourself