Learning Online

Learning at DCU

Learning Online

Introduction: are you ready to learn online?

eLearning image of hands on keyboard Technology is increasingly being used to support teaching and learning in DCU. In particular, many programmes and modules are supported by the Moodle online learning environment. Moodle allows lecturers to provide students with access to teaching and learning materials (such as lecture notes and links to useful websites) and activities (such as discussion forums, group assignments, reflective journals and quizzes) via the Internet. The way that Moodle is used in DCU varies from module to module: in some cases Moodle resources and activities may be optional supplements to lectures and tutorials; in others Moodle activities may be fully integrated into the assessment for a particular module. This unit will provide you with some tips for making the most of learning via technology.

Learning objectives

After completing this unit you will be able to:

  • take any steps necessary to prepare yourself to become a successful online learner
  • communicate online, using good netiquette
  • manage electronic resources and information effectively.

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