Week 7 - Ways to Feel Good and Stay Focused This Week!

Dear Students,

Slowly but surely we are getting through November and can look forward to the bright lights of December! There's never been a more important time to take care of our mental health, so this week we'd like to draw your attention to the new SilverCloud resources highlighted below. There's a great range of self-directed programmes which may be of interest to you.

Among other events which may be of interest is the assignment writing webinar - will definitely be of help as you quickly approach submission deadlines!

Have a great week, keep the head down, we're getting there!

Warm Regards,
This week's well-being events

 Event                                             Date                 Time                       Event Link   

Lunchtime Mindfulness                       24/11/20 -           13:00 - 14:00                   Register here
(4 Week Guided Series)                       

Pathways to Success                           24/11/20             17:00 - 18:00           Register here (Tue) 
Wk 2 - 'Goal Setting'                             
                                                                27/11/20             13:00 - 14:00            Register here (Fri)

Free Weekly Yoga for                           25/11/20              12:05 - 12:55              Email to sign up
Club and Society Members

Other events happening this week:

Assignment Writing Webinar              25/11/20              12:00 - 13:00                  Register here 

Identify Your Strengths - Career         25/11/20              13:00 - 13:30                    Register here
and Workplace Skills Series

Afternoon Mass (Online)                    
24/11/20              13:00 - 13:30               Live stream here 

                                                              26/11/20              13:00 - 13:30               Live stream here                                                             

"Try not to scroll through social media first thing when you wake up in the morning, as it can impact your mood for the rest of the day! Get up shower and eat first!" 

(DCU SU President)

Listen here to recent DCU graduate Louis Flanagan, discussing how setting goals helped to keep him to stay motivated and focused at University when his schedule got busy. Louis talks to Deirdre about his strategies for keeping on top of things, the importance of surrounding yourself with a positive, encouraging support circle and how to get what you want in life without getting overwhelmed. Listen to this and more podcast episodes on DEVELOP.
Check out My Wellbeing Space on 
My DCU - a monthly compilation of content dedicated to your wellbeing. 
It's a great place to find resources such as podcasts, blogs, recipes and videos to help you to look after your body and mind this year. To see the latest content for November, visit the My Wellbeing Space tile (with the heart icon) on My DCU

Developed by DCU Healthy & DCU SU,
in collaboration with SS&D.
Find more great resources to support your mental health and wellbeing on DEVELOP  where you'll also get a range of resources to support you with
study skills, digital and life skills and career development. Check it out today!

"Leave your phone in a different room and spend 2 hours watching a good film.
You'll lose yourself in another world and be able forget about your stresses for a while."

(SU VP for Academic Affairs)
SilverCloud - Online Mental Health and Wellbeing Support

Did you know that 1 in 4 of us struggle with mental health challenges, like feeling low or anxious?

DCU are proud to introduce SilverCloud, a range of online wellbeing and mental health programmes that will help support our students to maintain a healthier mind and body.

Each SilverCloud programme will give you tools and skills to support a particular aspect of your mental health and well-being - see the list of programmes available below.

For more information on the DCU SilverCloud programmes visit here.


Well-being Programmes

To give you the skills to deal with everyday issues that affect your emotional health.

Mental Health Programmes

To help alleviate the symptoms of mental health experiences.

“I loved that I could use it on my phone when I needed to. I still track my mood and practice what I learned to feel better.”  (SilverCloud User)
For more information on Student Support Services visit the SS&D website here.

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