Week 9 - Supporting Our Diverse Community in DCU

Dear Students

DCU has always prided itself on the diversity of its student population and actively seeks to ensure that it reflects the broad range of backgrounds, personalities, learning styles and careers aspirations that is present in the general population. With that in mind, we strive to provide events and supports to suit every need. Not everything will be for everyone, but hopefully you will find something you enjoy amongst the many offerings we have this week and in our online resources.

Week 10 coming up - keep going!

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This week's events

Event                                                  Date                Time               Event Link   

Lunchtime Mindfulness                            08/12/20           13:00 - 14:00         Register here

Pathways to Success (Wk 4)                    08/12/20           17:00 - 18:00         Register here 
'Growing Your Strengths'          

Spotlight on Summer Internships:          09/12/20           15:00 - 16:00         Register here
with EY, Deloitte, KPMG & PwC

DCU Carol Service                                     09/12/20           18:30 - 19:15        Watch here
(YouTube Pre-recording)     

Afternoon Mass (Online)                           08/12/20 &       13:00 - 13:30       Live stream here 

Advent Talks Pt 2:                                      10/12/20          13:00 - 13:45          Watch here
'The Examined Life'

Pathways to Success (Wk 4)                    11/12/20           13:00 - 14:00         Register here 
'Growing Your Strengths'             

*DATES FOR YOUR DIARY:  Exam Bootcamp starts Dec. 14th - full details next week!     
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Students - have you heard about SensusAccess yet?! This brand new automated document converter is hosted on the DCU library webpage is available to all students in DCU.

It allows students to convert their readings into formats which may better suit their learning style - e.g. pdf into audio files. 
It's also a great way to listen to notes on the go or get support with text in a foreign language. Find out more about it here!
If you're a student who is registered with the DLSS (Disability and Learning Support Service) then check out the list of alternative supports available for online exams next semester.

These include extra time per hour (10 minutes), time for rest breaks, access to a scribe and access to assistive technology.

See full details on these supports here.
Find more great resources on DEVELOP, from study skills, career and life skill resources, to mental health and well-being supports. Visit here.
Cathal Blake is one of over 900 mature students currently studying at DCU. He made the decision to return to education to study Psychology in DCU after been made redundant in the building trade. Cathal is one of 7 Irish students being featured in an RTE documentary called 'My Uni Life' which follows students through their daily life as a University student. The series highlights the personal challenges and triumphs that each student experiences in their personal situations, in Cathal's case as a mature student.

Cathal has spoken about DCU Support services, in particular the Mature Student Service  and the ways in which this service has helped him on his journey so far.

To get more information about this service, and other Student Support and Development Services available at DCU, just visit the SS&D website or Our Services tile on DEVELOP.

You can view episodes of My Uni Life on the RTE Player now. It's a really good watch!
DCU Student Laocin discusses the range of support services available at DCU, as well as her experience of availing of some of these services.
At DCU, there are a wide range of excellent support services available for students.
Our University celebrates and embraces its unique and diverse community and strives to cater for the diverse needs experienced by each and every one of our students.

The Student Support and Development team are dedicated to providing a number of these support services, some of which DCU student Laocin highlights in the video above.

These services include:
DCU Autism Friendly
Counselling and Personal Development
Disability and Learning Development
Financial Assistance
Student Health Service
The Mature Student Service
The Student Advice Centre
Student Learning
Click on any of the services above for more information or to seek support for your needs.

Or you can make an appointment with a Student Advisor who can advise you on what supports may be of benefit to you, depending on your personal situation. To make an appointment just email
student.support@dcu.ie. See more details on this service here.
For more information on Student Support Services visit the SS&D website here.

General Student Advice queries: 

Chat: using the 'Ask' button on My DCU
Email:  to student.support@dcu.ie
Phone: 01 700 7165 to speak with a Student Adviser

Events or Workshops:
Email develop@dcu.ie

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