Access Final Year Survey 2023

Dear Students, we in the Access Service would love to hear about your experience at DCU and the HEAR/Access supports you received throughout your time with us. We know this is a very busy time for you, but if you can take a few minutes break to complete this short survey, we would really appreciate it. This information will help us significantly as we continue to ensure that our continuing and future students receive the best possible supports.
Thanks from all at the Access Services 

Final Year Evaluation


Faculty (Please tick which faculty your course is under) 
Please tick any of the following DCU Access activities you participated in while you were in primary/secondary school
Questions Poor Fair Good Very good Excellent
Questions Poor Fair Good Very good Excellent
Did you get involved in Access volunteering/Student Ambassador opportunities during your time at DCU
Please tick other Student Support and Development supports you availed of

(You can also include information on intended Graduate Programmes/Employment/Masters here if you wish)

Would you be interested in being involved in supporting the DCU Access programme in the future (eg: participation in talks to existing students)
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