CSDM Project - St Michaels House

CSDM Project

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June 2022

This is the prototype of the possibilities of integrated care for St Michael House.  This will give St Michaels House a foundation to start building their integrated cara system to improve the services that they deliver.

Where we are now

May 2022

Our Elite S scholar Dr Subhashis Das presented his work to St Michael's House.  How St Michael's House has the capability now to demonstrate what they can achieve in integrated care.  #DigitalHealthCare 


The Technical Piece

Browse through this presentation to see the technical work that happened behind the scenes and how the team are developing this project


The Beginning

Current health care systems in Ireland in Intellectual Disability services need additional support to strengthen systems development based on local priorities needs and rooted in context to provide high quality person centered integrated care services. Systems in development need to be co-developed by people who are engaged in their own health and those individuals who are providing front line care. 

The CSDM will address this idea and deliver a collaborative piece bringing research and services together in delivering the idea of a new integrated care system.

The Common Semantic Data Model

To prepare for the deployment of integrated care service delivery the CeIC supported by the Adapt Research Center and Elite S Marie Curie Fellowship are funding a project in Ireland to  support services in the intellectual disability services domain. This research study will create a Common Semantic Data Model (CSDM). This CSDM research project will develop a suite of resources that is capable of supporting and facilitating integrated care through complex healthcare networks and based on service user and service based needs.