GerOnTe is a streamlined geriatric and oncological evaluation based on Information Communication (IC) technology for holistic patient-oriented healthcare management for older multimorbid patients.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 945218. The sole responsibility for any content of this project lies with the authors. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Union. The European Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein

The Aims
The Aims of the Project

Link to: Details of GERONTE’s specific aims:

  • To streamline the care of older cancer patients with comorbidities by designing a care pathway that coordinates care across cancer and comorbidity care pathways through a case manager role (specialist nursing role)
  • To develop a software application that enables shared decision-making and improved by integration health and personal data from key clinicians and the patient.  

The GERONTE pathway and app will:

  1. Enable coordination of patient care by an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professional including hospital and non-hospital professional through a specialist nursing role.
  2. Enable secure integration & sharing of health data between the patient’s healthcare team
  3. Enable timely registration of the patient’s symptoms (patient reported outcome measures) via the application
  4. Provide the patient with self-management strategies is response to their symptom input, and in line with an intrinsic capacity assessment made by their Geriatrician
How is DCU involved
Check out how DCU is engaging with this project

Dublin City University is leading GERONTE Implementation Evaluation.

Complex contextual factors challenge the adoption, scale-up, spread, and sustainability of evidenced-based intervention into health systems leading to the abandonment of many beneficial interventions.

Implementation Science (IS) is the scientific study of methods and strategies that facilitate the uptake of an intervention in a way that holds the ‘mechanism of action’ and the effectiveness of the intervention.

DCU is using established IS theories and frameworks to document, analyse, and develop an implementation guide for the future deployment of the GERONTE Intervention across Europe.

Link to DCU’s Implementation Approach.

DCU is using a Realist Approach that involves detailed documentation and ongoing analysis of the complex contextual factors that impact implementation. Realist Evaluation looks at the desired outcomes and the ‘mechanisms of action’ of an intervention. The Realist Approac

The Care Pathway
GerOnTe Care Pathway

The GERONTE pathway will establish the clinicians, care processes, and patient input needed to support shared decision-making that is based on the patient’s cancer, comorbidity, and personal needs. GERONTE is also co-designing technology to systematise the integration and sharing of health data and enable decision-making between the various clinical teams and patient. GERONTE’s next stage will involve a clinical trial of the GERONTE care pathway and software at multiple sites across Europe to determine its effectiveness.  

Supporting equality in ageing & Europe’s changing demographic profile

GERONTE addresses European and National policy priorities, to improve the care for the growing number of older adults. GERONTE will design and trial an intervention that builds-on and supports existing health care structures to tailor their care to the needs of older adults with cancer and other morbidities. This feasible design can be implemented on a large scale and in diverse settings, benefiting large numbers of people and service providers. The GERONTE design is expected to offer benefit to many similar clinical settings needing to integrate care and services and achieve patient-centred care.

Link to:

  1. Equality in ageing European initiative:

  1. EU Population Structure and Ageing:
  2. Irish initiative: Age friendly Ireland     


Meet the Team
Meet The Team


Prof Anthony Staines. Principal Investigator GERONTE. Contact: and



Dr. Paul Davis. Co-investigator GERONTE.




Prof Regina Connolly specialises in Information Systems. Co-investigator GERONTE.




Dr. Shane O Hanlon. Consultant Medicine for the Elderly.




Dr. Trudy Corrigan. Researcher GERONTE.




Dr. Ciara White. Researcher GERONTE.




Bridget O Sullivan. Research Assistant.





Meet the Partners
Meet the Partners

GERONTE Partners

Universite de Bordeaux, France

Professor Pierre Soubeyron. Scientific consortium coordinator of the GERONTE project.

Professor Soubeyron is the Director of the Research Institute at Bergonié, is professor of Medical Oncology at Université de Bordeaux.

Academic and research profile:


Cecile Bacles .GERONTE  Project Manager.

Professional profile:


Diakonnessenhuis, The Netherlands.

Dr. Marije Hamaker is a clinical geriatrician with clinical and research focus on improving the coordination of care for older multimorbid cancer patients.

Dr. Nelleke (Petronella) Seghers is a resident in geriatric medicine and currently works at the Department of Geriatric Medicine.


KU Luven, Belgium.

Dr. Hans