President's Award for Civic Engagement 2012

On behalf of the DCU Civic Engagement Awards judging panel I would like to offer our sincere congratulations to all those who have successfully attained these important awards for a diverse range of engagement activities. These activities go far to highlight the important presence that DCU has within the community and the positive contribution that has been made by students and staff of this university in partnership with community. I want to personally relate how difficult a task it was choosing the overall winners as the standard was so high but those who are honoured here today are those who deserve this award the most and have embedded whole heartedly the strategic objectives of DCU. Congratulations to you all today.
Lorraine McIlrath


President's Awards for Civic Engagement 2012

The President's Awards for Civic Engagement, organised by DCU in the Community, have been presented to staff and students of DCU at a special ceremony in The Helix.

The awards recognise outstanding engagement with the local community in addressing social, economic, cultural or environmental issues. Read More






The President’s Awards for Civic Engagement celebrate DCU staff and students’ promotion of DCU’s civic engagement mission

 The awards:

  • Recognise DCU staff and student commitment to civic engagement
  • Acknowledge the university’s commitment to addressing social, economic, cultural or environmental challenges locally
  • Promote academic  projects which encourage community-engaged learning, research or partnership
  • Support teaching, learning , knowledge-sharing and research initiatives which promote citizenship and critical enquiry
  • Recognise DCU staff and student demonstration of community leadership

Nominations are open to all DCU staff and students. Nominations can cover individual or group activities. There are two categories:

  • STAFF award
  • STUDENT award


Key Information

  •     Deadline for nominations is Wednesday 4th April.
  •     A nomination can be made for an individual, group, school or academic support unit.
  •     Nominations must be made on the nomination form provided.
  •     Nominations will be considerably strengthened if they include testimonials or evidence of outcomes.
  •     The winners will receive their awards and commemorative  plaques at an Awards ceremony in DCU in late April from DCU President Prof Brian MacCraith
  •     The candidates participate in a poster session and civic engagement seminar at the University on Wednesday 23rd May 2012.


How to Nominate

Complete the nomination form and email any supporting information  to Natalja Matease ( at the Office of Civic and Global Engagement by 5pm on Wednesday, 4th April 2012. 

To download the nomination form, just click on a link below:

PDF / Word



 Additional information

  • Evaluation criteria: DCU people and projects nominated must show evidence of advancing DCU’s Civic Engagement Strategy
  • Examples of the types of projects which promote civic engagement are given below. Case studies of other higher education projects might provide some inspiration also.
  • Supporting documents: These can include testimonials, project reports, photographs, posters or multimedia
  • Previous winners
  • Awards will be adjudicated by members of Campus Engage network

Examples of Civic Engagement initiatives

Community engaged teaching and learning:

  • Developed or delivered Community based teaching and learning programmes or supports.
  • Designed innovative educational outreach or community learning projects.
  • Broadened access, widened participation or developed support programmes for under-represented student groups.
  • Been involved in voluntary tuition programmes and student mentoring.
  • Provided positive experiential learning programmes or innovative practice or placement opportunities.
  • Introduced potential students (of any age) to university teaching and learning environments which created positive experiences through interactions with the student and the university.
  • Developed more challenging pedagogic approaches, facilitated multi-disciplinary learning environments or taken student learning out of the formal curricular context to meet community needs.
  • Developed new learning resources, tools or courses in response to identified needs in the community.

Community engaged research:

  • Developed a sustainable community based research partnership.
  • Worked with a community organisation to help them identify/articulate their research needs or build their research capacity.
  • Conducted research with groups which had a significant impact on social action, cultural, political, health or civic outcomes.
  • Promoted or developed participatory research approaches with equitable involvement of research partners.
  • Incorporated a community-engaged approach into traditional research.
  • Improved research cooperation and communication between researchers and communities.
  • Underpinned research modules or projects with a community-engaged ethos.

Community leadership:

  • Demonstrated excellence in understanding or addressing community needs.
  • Made a significant contribution to a community organisation or locality in a voluntary or extra-curricular capacity representing DCU.
  • Had a significant involvement in improving the social, cultural, environmental or sporting fabric of a community.
  • Demonstrated  leadership in advocacy or addressing social issues at local or national level.
  • Helped to design, promote or deliver social justice or active citizenship projects.
  • Developed mechanisms for facilitating the participation or empowering marginalised groups/communities.
  • Worked  in partnership with communities to help solve problems or develop solutions.


Further Information:

Please contact Dr Helen McQuillan, DCU in the Community for further information. Email:


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