Academic Workload Preference Form 2022


1. Teaching Satisfaction (Current allocation)

Please complete this question for all modules taught by you in the 2023/24 academic year only. Please also indicate if you liked, disliked or are neutral about teaching the module(s). If you disliked teaching any module(s) the aim would be not to allocate it to you again, if possible.

Re-order Module Code Liked Neutral Disliked Weight Operations
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2. List the modules you would like to teach in 2024/25 in order of preference

Please indicate a minimum of 6 modules that you would like to be assigned. If less than 6 modules are indicated, this is taken to mean that you have no preferences with regard to the remaining modules and are happy with whatever is reasonably allocated. Preferences will be taken into account as far as possible and every attempt made to allocate modules of interest, although this is not always possible.

Re-order Pref. No. Module Code New module to teach % of course expected to teach Weight Operations
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3. Tutorial support by you

Please specify the modules for which you wish to be assigned (from section 2 above) and for which you personally expect to provide tutorial / lab support, if you were assigned them for 2024/25.

Re-order Module Code Lab hrs per week Lab contact hrs per week by you personally No. of tutors Preferred Tutor Names Weight Operations
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4. Postdoctoral researchers teaching on your modules

Please list by name any postdoctoral researchers which you would like to have a direct input into your assigned teaching.

Note: All postdoctoral teaching input requires prior approval of Head of School.

Re-order Module Code Postdoc Name Justification Weight Operations
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5. Assessment & Outreach Activities

Please indicate preference order of activities you would like to be involved with in the 2024/25 academic year.

Questions COMBUS4 Project Assessment COMSCI4 Project Assessment COMSCI3 Project Assessment DS4 Project Assessment MCM Practicums Assessment INTRA Visits Open Days N/A

6. Engagement Activities

How many Open Days did you assist with in the 2023/24 academic year?

Re-order No. of open days Comments (date, location, etc.) Weight Operations
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7. Other Service Roles

Indicate below any internal service to University level committees and sub-committees not included as part of an assigned administrative role, for example, Governing Authority, Academic Council, Education Committee, based on documented roles, directly related to School / Faculty / University.

Indicate below any external stakeholder interaction, directly related to your professional duties to DCU, beyond that typically associated with normal teaching, research and service roles. This could include duties assigned by the Dean / Head, or membership of formal state or professional boards, for example national or state boards, national committees, governmental advisory committee, etc., up to a maximum of 2 workload points per staff member, based on documented roles, directly related to School / Faculty / University.

8. Administrative Roles

Please indicate in order of preference the roles you are interested in being assigned. 

Roles are: COMSCI Chair; COMSCI3 Year Head (inc. COMSCI3 projects); INTRA (all 3 progs); COMSCI4 Year Head (inc. COMSCI4 projects); DS Chair (inc. DS4 projects); COMBUS Chair; COMBUS4 Year Head (inc.COMBUS4 projects); IGNITE Coordinator (1st Year all progs); MCM Chair; MCM Practicum mgt (all progs); Acad Lead-MCM-AI or BC (inc. AI or BC Pract); MDPPLC-Chair; Year 2 Head (COMSCI2 & COMBUS2); ComputeTY Lead Coordinator; ERASMUS Coordinator.



Role Name in Pref. Order

If you have a strong desire for any particular task, please include your reasons why.

9. Examination Activities

How many times in the 2023/24 academic year did you serve as a transfer examiner of PhD Track to Ph.D. students? List all PhD candidates.

Re-order PhD Candidate Name List Details (including dates) Weight Operations
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How many times in the 2023/24 academic year did you serve as a Ph.D. thesis Internal (viva) examiner? List all PhD candidates.

Re-order PhD Candidate Name List Details (including dates) Weight Operations
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How many times in the 2023/24 academic year did you serve as a Ph.D. thesis external (viva) examiner? List all details

Re-order PhD Candidate Name List Details (Institution, Supervisor, Date) Weight Operations
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10. Research student supervision

Please indicate by name the PGR (ie. research) students you supervised in the current academic year (ie. 2023/24).

Please note:

  1. Independent Panel Members are not to be included in this list.
  2.  Include only PGR students registered for a DCU award (ie. acting as an adjunct supervisor in external institution does not count).
  3. Where a PGR student is co-supervised between more than one staff member, it is assumed to be 50:50 arrangement, otherwise please state an agreed (with co-supervisor) % proportion applicable to you.
  4. This list will be verified against Registry records and anomalies clarified with the primary supervisor of record.


Re-order Name PhD/MsC PT/FT Year of Registration % supervised by you Weight Operations
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11. Research Grant Activity

Have you applied for or been awarded a grant of >10k in the current academic year (ie. 2023/24 NB: Must be via DCU TORA

12. Other Information

(to be completed only where necessary)


13. Publication Activity

Please indicate number of publications per category below.

Please Note:

  1. Only peer-reviewed published papers of 4 pages or more in the previous academic year shall be eligible for inclusion.
  2. To be deemed eligible for inclusion, an up-to-date profile in the DCU Research Engine. 
  3. Publications must also be uploaded onto Doras.


14. Publication Data

Please list below the full citation for all publications counted above and select the type and rank


Re-order Type Rank Citation URL Weight Operations
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