ComputeTY recropped

ComputeTY 2024

What is ComputeTY?

ComputeTY is a transition year experience where students learn how to programme, be creative, and innovative in the world of technology. 

When Will ComputeTY Run?

ComputeTY will run from April 15th to April 19th.

Who Is Eligible for ComputeTY?

TY students who passed Junior Cert higher-level Maths.

Places are allocated by school. Individual applications are no longer being accepted.

students in LG25

Are you interested in problem solving?

Introduction to Programming

In this course, students learn how to program in Python, one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Students are introduced to basic programming concepts using a variety of innovative hardware and software lessons.

While no knowledge of programming is required for this course, it is a challenging course. It would be particularly suited to students who have already been exposed to some programming (e.g. students who have already worked with a graphical programming language like Scratch) or keen problem solvers who will be excited by learning a new way of thinking.

For more information on Python click here and for general programming resources click here.