Redbrick (Student Computing Society)

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Redbrick logo

We are Redbrick DCU's Computer Networking Society, usually just dubbed Redbrick. 

We were originally set up in October 1995 and we are one of DCU's oldest societies. We were formed from a battered 386 PC (dubbed Nurse), bits of borrowed memory, and a group of friends working together.

Networking Society

Members of Redbrick at PyCon Ireland 2019

We as a computing society host events for everything tech related. This ranges from; how to set up your own website, computer programming, tutorials to hosting events and talks about everything with huge multinational tech companies like Microsoft, Amazon, MasterCard and many more.

We also host a number of services for our membership and other societies like hosting their websites and supplying you your own workspace on our machines.

As one of the biggest societies in DCU, we’re always looking for new membership. We are open to everyone regardless of any computing level and course, we run talks and workshops open to everyone. We are always looking for people who want to come in and learn as much as they can about computing and tech along with other talks and events non tech related so there is something for everyone!

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