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An eye on the global Standardisation arena

An Eye on the Global Standardisation Arena - Launch of New Roll Out 2023 announces the launch of the EUOS – European Observatory for ICT Standardisation. The new interactive platform is the evolved version of the Standards Watch[1] but much more. The EUOS, pronounced YOS”, will monitor the global ICT Standardisation landscape, with its ultimate goal to provide to the community of ICT experts the most accurate coverage of relevant and timely ICT Standards, priorities and needs that might affect the key ICT domains of the Digital Single Market and the EU ICT Rolling Plan for Standardisation[2]. The EUOS goes one step further to provide an interactive platform, considered the Go-To place for all thing related to ICT Standards all in the one place, with a rewards scheme embedded.

“We are proud of releasing today, as part of the initiative, the EUOS - 'European ICT Standards Observatory'” – said Silvana Muscella, 2023 Project Coordinator & CEO at Trust-IT Services - “Our goal is to avail the European community of ICT standard experts and users with an independent, authoritative, and engaging platform. The EUOS aims, with the competent support of the community, to become the recognised place of publishable good practices for ICT standards which endorses also open standards and open data.”

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