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Academic biography

I am lecturer in the School of ComputingDCU, specifically allied with several research centres:
Adapt - where I am a Funded Investigator and specifically aligned with FinTech strand. I work on several projects to empower innovation in Financial Services, with a special focus on InsurTech. 
ARC-SYM - Advanced Research Computing Centre for Complex Systems Modelling, as part of which I completed my PhD research in 2013. As part of this I am acting as a chair of the Modelling & Scientific Computing Group and am also an area leader for Social systems, specifically for Smart cities, Environment and Transport. 
Lero - The Irish Software Engineering Research Centre where I have several projects in Smart Cities area and behavioural analysis.

Prior to coming to DCU, I obtained my BSc and MSc at the School of Electrical Engineering (ETF), University of Belgrade, Serbia. My research areas are interdisciplinary and include complex system modelling, specifically Cellular Automata (CA) and Agent Based Models (ABM), data analytics, applied mathematics, statistics as well as high performance computing (HPC) and distributed systems. My current research projects are in FinTech on building models for claims predictions and for explainable AI in Fraud Detection. I have several projects with behavioural analytics focus in the area of evaluation analytics and optimised software usage analytics.

In past I developed models that study impact of large urban layouts on pedestrian movement decision-making using ABM with open data sourced from OpenStreetMap. My past research includes building stochastic models of in vitro drug delivery systems (DDS) by using CA and ABM, in collaboration with Sigmoid Pharma Ltd.

Research interests

Modelling and Simulation of Complex SystemsBehavioural AnalyticsFinTechInsurance Tech and claims predictionsData AnalyticsHigh Performace ComputingPedestrian/Traffic ModellingDrug Dissoluton Modelling