What is DCU Connected

What is DCU Connected

Wherever you are in the world, DCU Connected provides access to a world-class university education, international expertise and a suite of leading online courses. Undertaken in a way that works for you, we strive to provide a contemporary, real-world and transformative learning experience for the 21st Century, which is supported by the expertise of our National Institute for Digital Learning.

The term "DCU Connected" has particular significance as our focus at DCU is not on an online delivery mode which provides higher education down an electronic pipe. Rather we aim to create a highly connected, intellectually engaging and transformative learning experience, wherever you are. Being connected to fellow students, excellent teachers and the latest educational resources in Ireland and around the world is at the heart of DCU Connected. Thus the term ‘connected’ reflects a particular DCU philosophy about the transformative potential of new models of higher education. You’ll have the same opportunities and feel as close and connected as any of our on-campus students.

If you’ve got work, family or other commitments or simply don't live near a university, then online distance learning through DCU Connected enables you to study in a way that fits your life.

Not only will you be able to take courses regardless of your location, but you’ll also have opportunities to connect first-hand to an increasingly international network of students. Importantly, upon successfully completing your DCU Connected course, you’ll earn a university qualification equivalent to our full-time, campus-based degrees that will help enhance your employment prospects and propel your career forward. The result is that you'll have a globally recognised Irish degree that provides a unique, transformative perspective on some of the major challenges and opportunities facing the world. 

Educating Future Makers

DCU Connected is central to DCU’s wider mission of transforming lives and societies. We believe that the fundamental role of education is to enable our students to flourish in the world of the 21st century. That means in their personal lives, in civic society and in the world of work. Here at DCU, our mission is very simple; it is to transform lives and society through education, research and innovation. We achieve this by developing creative, enterprising and socially responsible citizens, by applying our knowledge and expertise to global grand challenges and by working with enterprises for the benefit of our students, society and the wider economy. 

World-class Teachers

We carefully select our teachers to offer a high-quality online learning experience. Students are provided with access to specially written course texts for each module they undertake and also access to the vast array of online resources provided by DCU's Library. For each module students undertake, they are allocated an online education tutor who provides support in several ways, including:

  •     Regular interaction in our award-winning virtual learning environment Loop
  •     Opportunities for students to talk to one another and ask questions at any time
  •     Rich media video resources and real-time online tutorials using the latest technology
  •     Access to 24/7 online help with your assignments and a world-class university library
  •     Options to participate in face-to-face tutorials in some online programmes

Rich Online Learning Environment

Our online learning environment, Loop, is where you’ll interact with teaching staff and fellow students, access course materials, participate in lectures, use the Library, undertake quizzes and interactive activities, and submit assignments. Loop will keep you connected with course materials, teachers and fellow learners, regardless of location.  Some of our courses provide many opportunities to meet other students in person, although you’re always connected to one another and DCU through Loop.