Undergraduate Courses

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Diploma/BA in Humanities
BA in Humanities

The Diploma/Bachelor of Arts in Humanities offers students to opportunity to study subjects such as History, Literature, Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology.

Diploma/BA in English and History
BA in English and History

The Diploma/BA in English and History is designed to develop your knowledge and understanding of how the past is shaped from close of the Middle Ages to the twentieth century.

Diploma/BA in Humanities (Psychology)
BA in Humanities (Psychology Major)

The Diploma/BA in Humanities (Psychology major) is designed to develop your knowledge, skills and competencies in Psychology, whether for personal or professional reasons.

BA Single Module
BA Single Module
The Bachelor of Arts Single Module (BASM) programme offers you the opportunity to study an array of Humanities subjects at an Honours level without having to commit to a full-time, or part-time, campus-based programme.
Diploma/BSc in Information Technology
Diploma/BSc in Information Technology

The Diploma/BSc in Information Technology gives you critical insight into the application of IT to the processes of administration, management and innovation within a range of businesses.

Diploma/BSc in Management of Information Technology/Information Systems

The Diploma/BSc in Information Technology/Information Systems will equip you with degree-level competence in Information Technology/Information Systems and their application to the processes of innovation, management and administration.

Certificate in Peer Support Working in Mental Health

If you currently work in a peer support worker role or a family peer support worker role in the area of mental health this course will help develop your knowledge and skills in order to develop your practice as peer support workers in mental health inpatient and community settings.