Credne Creativity Workshops

Workshop 1: Sparking Creativity with Peter Robbins

All innovation starts with an idea and every idea begins with creativity.

Creativity has never been in higher demand. Its value is trumpeted everywhere from Davos to DCU. But creativity is also fun; it's stimulating; it's high-adrenaline.

To find out more, you can watch the recording of this lively introductory workshop with Peter Robbins of DCU’s Business School.

Peter has worked with many organisations to boost their creativity and innovation, and in this session he takes us on a guided tour of the components of creativity, with some engaging exercises to get you thinking.

Workshop 2: Research Storytelling with Tim Hannigan

Want to grab attention with your next conference presentation or seminar paper? Want to fire students’ imagination when introducing a new topic?

This workshop looks at ways to turn your own research into gripping narratives using the techniques of storytelling.

Research storytelling is not only about being creative; it’s also about modelling it – which is key to fostering creativity amongst those you teach.

This workshop is led by Credne Research Assistant, Tim Hannigan.

Workshop 3: Fighting Words: Energising Education with Creative Writing with Colm Ó Cuanacháin

Creative writing lets us explore and express wild ideas, fantastic thoughts and magical mysteries. It can bring energy to maths, science, literature, and indeed every aspect of life, boosting confidence, self-esteem, voice and resilience.

The Fighting Words charity exists to unlock creativity and enable children and adults to write their stories and have fun.

This workshop is led by Colm Ó Cuanacháin of Fighting Words, who is based at the Institute of Education in DCU. He shares details of Fighting Words’ creative writing education initiatives, and the mission to ensure creativity becomes unblocked and celebrated.

Workshop 4: Escaping the Zoombie Mentality: Creative Tools for the Online Enterprise Classroom with Roisin Lyons

This workshop, with DCU Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Dr Roisin Lyons, recounts a number of methods used in a large class enterprise context – including an entrepreneurship escape room, breakout entrepreneurship hero debates, and more.

Roisin provides practical tips, pre-made tools, and insights you can incorporate into your own classroom tomorrow!

For the educator who cares about student engagement and divergent thinking but is limited by tools, budget and time, this workshop aims to disseminate effective case examples, and be a bit of fun!

Workshop 5: FutureScape Learning with the Chester Beatty and Festival of Curiosity

Led by Jenny Siung, Head of Education in the Chester Beatty, and Vince McCarthy of Curiosity Studio and the Festival of Curiosity, this interactive workshop forges into the future of education, and taps into the imaginative potential of objects, to ask the question, “How do you imagine learning taking place in 2030?”

Participants explore where the learning of the future might happen, who it will involve, and how it might work, and use objects of their own choosing to creatively explore this FutureScape.


Seminar 1: Cultivating the Possible: Designing for Creativity in Education with Vlad Glăveanu

In this interactive webinar, Dr Vlad Glăveanu explores the intersections between creativity, education and the emerging field of possibility studies, and argues that we need to look beyond traditional teaching cultures of standardisation and pre-determined outcomes.

To build education adapted for the challenges of the 21st century, we need not only to value creativity in the classroom, but also to relate it to wonder, serendipity, counterfactual thinking and anticipation, and to embrace the “pedagogies of the possible”