External Creativity Resources

If you want to pursue creativity beyond these pages, here are directions to some of the good places we’ve visited on our travels.


Online courses

The International Center for Studies in Creativity (ICSC) at Buffalo State University has a six-unit MOOC, “Igniting Your Everyday Creativity”, which goes through “the creative process”, “the creative person”, “the creative product” and “the creative environment”.

Maurice Crijns and Peter Biekens have developed what they call the “Brainnovation Six-Step Cycle of Creativity”, which is used with students at the International Business and Management School of Fontys in Venlo in the Netherlands. They’ve provided three short open-access modules using this approach on the Teachable platform, which are thought-provoking and fun.


Online resources

The Mycoted Creativity Techniques A–Z is an excellent database with a huge range of “off-the-shelf” techniques – almost 200 of them! The quality and detail of the individual descriptions vary, and there’s a fair bit of repetition. But you’ll certainly find plenty of ideas here.

Stanford University’s d.school has a great collection of Creative Commons-licensed resources based on design-thinking, including full lesson plans with slide decks and activity resources.