Library of Creativity

Library of Creativity

Welcome to the Library of Creativity

What is creativity? Can it be fostered? Is it important to be able to measure it? Is creativity domain-based? Is it an important skill to master? 

Creativity can be a foggy concept, ill-defined and intimidating. Knowing more about the different scholarly approaches is the starting point to navigate the different creativity tools, choosing the most appropriate ones and becoming part of the creative process.

There is no simple and standard formula for creativity, but rather many different ones coming from different perspectives, cultures, times and places. Approaching creativity and implementing creative strategies is like coming up with a new recipe: if you know your context, your goals and the people you are working with, all you need to do is find the right ingredients.

This library is here to help: whether you want to know more about the history or the nature of this notion, or more about the conditions that can foster or hamper it, this is the place to start.

This Library of Creativity is arranged by topic, and for each recommended reading we give a brief explanation of why we like it and what it’s about. Where possible we’ve tried to find articles available open-access, but you will need  institutional access to academic databases to read some of the entries linked here