Undergraduate Fees - When To Pay

DCU Fees

Dublin City University

Information on when to pay Undergraduate Programme fees are listed below.

Please note that we accept all credit cards/debit cards except American Express.

However a daily limit of €1,500 applies to ALL debit cards.


Students entitled to 'Free Fees'

Payment in full EU Students €3,043  To be paid online during Registration process
Payment of Semester one Fees €1,543 To be paid online during Registration process
Payment of Semester two Fees €1,500 Payment due by January 27th, 2023
Students on SUSI grant €43 To be paid online during the registration process together with SUSI Application Number

If the student is later refused a SUSI grant, they will have to pay fees as outlined above

Students not entitled to ‘Free Fees’

EU Students 60% of total fee is required prior to registration 
  40% balance due by January 27th, 2023
Non-EU students Full fees are due to be paid prior to registration 

**A late fine of €170 will apply after dates above


  • Students who defer a full academic year prior to registration will incur no fee liability
  • Students who register and subsequently defer the academic year 2022/2023 prior to the 31st October will have their payment carried forward to the next academic year form (R32)
  • Students who withdraw before 31st October 2022 will will incur no fee liability. DCU will not claim your portion of HEA Free Fees.
  • Students who withdraw before 30th January 2023 will be liable to pay €1,543 and 50% of HEA Free Fees will be claimed.
  • Students who withdraw after 30th January 2023 will be liable to pay €3,043 and 100% of HEA Free Fees will be claimed.

Students who postpone on medical grounds are liable to pay full fees in the current academic year.

However students may be eligible for the medical waiver of fees from SS&D subject to submission of an application online when they re-register in the following academic year. (subject to set criteria/approval).

It should be noted that a student is only eligible to one medical waiver during the period of their programme

For students who wish to withdraw from their programme, please note the steps below

  1. It should be noted that it is simply not enough to speak to your Chairperson and tell them you will not be returning to your programme.
  2. You must fill out the relevant forms duly signed and formally defer/postpone/withdraw. Click here for more information
  3. You may withdraw online via your student apps. and return your student ID card to the Registry Office.
  4. Failure to formally defer/withdraw will incur a fee liability for the student. Once a student defers/withdraws, they will be not have access to student apps/email.