Health Advice

The Student Health Service supports activities that empower students to make informed healthier lifestyle choices and achieve academic success.

The Health Centre staff have created resources for your reference including:
General Medical Advice, Men's Health, Women's Health and Sexual Health 
Please go to the Healthy Choices tile on the Develop Hub

Active* Consent eLearning Module and Disclosure Quiz

We are delighted to announce that the new Active* Consent eLearning module Sexual Violence and Harassment: How to Support Yourself and Your Peers is now available to all students in DEVELOP on LOOP

This short interactive module is open to all students. While it builds on topics explored in the Stage 1, Active* Consent online workshops, you don't need to have attended one to complete it. The topics explored will give you a better understanding of sexual violence and harassment and the support services that are available both internally and externally to students who have had negative sexual experiences. 

Topics include: 
  • Consent vs. non-consent
  • The definition of sexual violence
  • Relationship status and gender
  • Legal definitions
  • How to support our peers
  • How to step up as an Active* Bystander

We've also included another resource called How to support a friend who discloses a negative sexual experience (quiz). This short quiz will walk you through how you can support a friend who discloses. 

Complete them both and earn a digital badge!