Health Service - Charges

Euro coins


Payment to the Student Health Centre should be made online. 

When you book an appointment you will receive a text with the payment link. 

All payments must be made before your GP consultation.

Receipts are given.

Medical Cards

We do not accept medical cards.  For more information please go to our Medical Card section. 

List of charges

GP visit (+ 1 review appointment if necessary)


Review within one week for same condition

No charge

Nurse Consultation

No charge

Nurse’s sick note


Blood test


Reprint of lost prescription


Pregnancy Test


Ear Syringing


Suture Removal




Daily Continuous Dressing

€20 per week

Provisional STI screen with Nurse

No charge

Full STI screen including GP visit


Depo Provera with GP visit


Cert of Good Health / Medical with GP Visit




Hepatitis B Vaccine (course of 3 vaccines)

€60 1st Vaccine with GP visit

€40 per 2nd and 3rd vaccine

B 12 administration


Other injection administration


Crutches (refundable deposit)