BCES Students Take on Sustainability Challenge

Amidst the backdrop of COP26 and uncertainty surrounding the future of climate change, Climate and Environmental Sustainability (BCES) students in DCU were encouraged to take on their own set of personal sustainability challenges. Dr. Darren Clarke challenged his first-year students to embrace personal changes for 30 days which contribute positively towards the climate emergency, in order for students to understand the immediate change they can make and also how this can influence those around them to do the same. Students embraced changes such as using natural cleaning products, cycling and walking to college, and even incorporating insects into their diets. These challenges were covered in the media by the Independent (…) and in the Irish Examiner (


Dr. Clarke has highlighted the importance of individuals taking personal responsibility against climate change and how this can inspire others, and the sustainability challenges aimed to demonstrate this to students. In an age when the internet and social media can facilitate an individual's single message reaching thousands of people, you may be surprised by how much change you can instigate by making a few simple lifestyle changes and telling people about them. Dr. Clarke has written an excellent piece in RTÉ Brainstorm about the importance of taking personal responsibility in the fight against climate change, which you can read here:…