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Group Analytic Psychotherapy

Group Analytic Psychotherapy, Healthy Living Centre, DCU

Dr. Aisling McMahon 


Is group analytic psychotherapy for me?


People choose group analytic psychotherapy for various reasons. It may be that you want to understand yourself better, to feel more confident and secure in yourself, or to have healthier relationships; you may be adapting to a significant life change, or you may want to make some needed changes in your life; or you may be looking for help with managing anxiety, depression, a history of trauma or loss, or other mental or physical health issues. Group analytic  psychotherapy offers a safe, supportive and respectfully challenging setting for working together with others on both your individual and shared concerns. The group work aims to develop your self-awareness and ability to navigate life’s challenges and opportunities, moving towards a healthier, steadier and freer relationship with yourself and others. 

Meaningful therapeutic work takes time and deserves time. If you would value working in a group setting with others who are committed to taking the time to learn and grow together, group analytic psychotherapy may be the right path for you.


What is involved in joining the therapy group? 


The therapy group meets on Wednesday mornings from 9.15am-10.45am in the Healthy Living Centre in the DCU Glasnevin campus (beside the School of Nursing, Psychotherapy and Community Health – see When unable to meet in person due to coronavirus restrictions, the group meets on a secure video platform.

The group has between 5-8 members –people who don’t know each other outside of the group –and Aisling as the group conductor. 

Group members commit to attending all sessions on a weekly basis, and to attend on time, which fosters stability, safety and trust.

Group sessions are confidential within normal professional and legal limits (e.g., in relation to child protection, and group members’/others’ safety).

First, you will attend individual assessment meetings with Aisling to explore your needs,

at a cost of €30 per session. In these meetings, you and Aisling will decide if joining the group is right for you. The fee is €30 for each group session. A lower fee can be agreed if you are unwaged or have reduced means.


About Aisling  


Aisling is a chartered clinical psychologist and accredited psychotherapist with 30 years’ experience working with clients in various settings. Since 2015, she has been working as a Lecturer in the School of Nursing, Psychotherapy and Community Health in DCU. Building on her personal and professional experience of the value of group therapy, Aisling is conducting this long-term group as part of her training as a Group Analyst with the School of Psychotherapy in St. Vincent’s Hospital/University College Dublin.

To set up an initial individual assessment session to explore the possibility of joining the therapy group, contact Aisling at Or contact the DCU Healthy Living Centre at

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